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The adventure began in 1989, when Jens Mikael Fly started in the industry. In 1994, it took shape in earnest, with the start-up of the retail company “Headshoppen” in Randers. In 2003, the first production of own products began, under the name “JMF” which later in 2006 became the brand “FLY®” and the company Cigaretpapir.dk, was created, with a small production and few products. In 2009 we moved to new Office / Warehouse premises on Alsvej in Randers, where we are still today. Over the years, it has developed into a lot of ​​products, and larger production of both Roll Paper, Filter Tips, ConeZ & various accessories products.


In 2003, the first product came on the market, which was also the very first Danish product in the industry. Filter Tips in small plastic bags under the name “JMF” It develops into several variants, which in 2003, for the first time, appear on the shelves in Kiosks and at Gas Stations. In 2006, “JMF” becomes “FLY” a new brand is created, new products and new design. FLY ConeZ will be added in 2007. Hand-rolled cones from own production, which is the only Danish product on the market. In 2012, “Hard Orange” – “Soft Red” – “Purple Silk” Filter Tips as we know them today are launched. The curved filter tips in booklet form are the first of its kind in the world. In 2014, the FLY ConeZ Classic series
will be released, which in 2017 will also be made with unbleached paper and filter under the name FLY ConeZ Naked. The FLY Classic series will arrive in 2019 with the FLY Double Pack & Fly Classic King Size Slim. The 2 newest products were added in 2021, two new products in the Naked series. FLY Tray Set Naked & FLY Naked King Size Slim. All products in high Danish quality, made with a focus on what the market / customers expect. We have great confidence in our products, so great that we serve our customers with an extended right of return up to 6 months, even on opened packages.


 FLY Tray Set, one of the newer products, where we have spent countless hours on product development, and which today has huge potential. We have developed and produced it from A-Z, and therefore have a patent on, and design protected the product. There is without a doubt one of our best-selling products that has helped revolutionize the market. Both as “FLY Classic” & “FLY Naked” Tray Set, and together with Greengo, with Purple Silk, Brown Silk & Black Silk. The advantage of a Tray Set is that you have it all together, “Ready to Use” Roll paper, filter and unfolded mixing tray appear, ready to use when you open your Tray Set. This is the New, this is what the customers demand, and therefore a “Must Have” product for your product range.


own production of cones

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own production of paper and filter

best quality

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-Jens Mikael Fly

Founder & owner